Pamper yoursel in our wellness area by the warm hug of the Finnish sauna, at temperature from 80° to 90°. A treatment that gives many heathy effects to your body and soul which will recharge your holidays.

For your body: it improves blood circulation and pressure, but also the functioning of metabolism while it prevents from flu diseases, reinforcing your immune system. It also helps eliminate toxins and excessive fat, for a more toned, elastic and silky skin. Your physique will be stronger: it will stand variations in temperature more easily and it will increase your threshold for pain.

For your soul: it has a relaxing effect on the whole nervous system and on muscles. Precious moments to recover a perfect balance between psyche and physique, for a youger body.

Residence Mich’s advice for the Sauna:
Before getting in, it is strongly recommended to have a shower and to dry the body properly. Once got in, you can have a seat on the bench, spreading the towel under the body. We recommend you to stay in the sauna between 8 to 15 minutes.
As soon as gone out, you should have a chilly shower to tone up your skin. Then, you can reach the relax area where you can chill out and let your body to reach a normal temperature.

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