Turkish Bathroom

In the Turkish bathroom you have a temperature between 30° to 42° and the level of humidity is equal to 100%. Better thermal conditions allows a longer stay, so as to obtain physical benefits and sweat out more. As much as for the sauna, you can have several benefits for both body and soul:

For your body: it improves the blood circulation and the the skin purification. Your body, thanks to cells renovation, becomes brighter and softer.

For your spirit: it reduces tensions and stress relaxing and stretching your muscles and your nervous system. You will feel lighter and thoughtless.

Residence Mich’s advice about Turkish Bath: it is recommended to have a shower before getting in and to dry the body properly.
Once in, you can have your seat and you can relax for 15 -20 minutes. After gone out, have a chill shower to tone up your skin. Then, reach the relax area where you can chill out and let your body to reach a normal temperature.

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