In loving memory of: Mich Mario e Dolores; Mich Giuseppe; Mich Giuliano, Sandra e Massimo; Mich Maria e Gilmozzi in Zorzi Valeria, and of all our guests who past away.

Thanks to some of our guests’, friends’ and relatives’support, the chapel of our Residence has been accomplished. The wooden Benches and the altar has been made with passion by Grandfather Raffaele; while the linen for the altar has been sewed by Maria Teresa, Luigi’s sister. All the furniture is made by Zorzi Luigi’s carpenter’s shop in Panchià.

We decided to dedicate the new chapel to Guardian Angels: our grandfathers.

Thanks to them, (our parents, our children’ grandfathers) we have arrived here. Even though, they are not with us anylonger, they have left behind something big that we will never forget.

There are fairy tales and stories that only Grandfathers can tell: they’re stories of the past…
There are smiles that will be imprinted in minds- grandfathers’ special smiles: to be guarded as the most important treasures…
There are cuddles and small secrets that only exist between grandfathers and grandchildren…
Now and ever… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

The chapel is always open to anyone to spend intimate moments with God, for a preyer, or to rediscover a lost feeling. The chapel is located outside with the entrance from the front garden.

In the chapel there is also a guitar, a player piano and some leaflets to cheer the functions.

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